Quote: Payment System Rock House Roofing


Job description

We will implement in the actual website of rockhouseroofing.com a one-page checkout to make possible the clients define an amount and pay using square payment platform.

The components to be installed and customization:

  • Plugin: Woocommerce (e-commerce)
  • Plugin: Woocommerce One Page Checkout
  • Plugin: Woocommerce Square Gateway
  • Customization: Checkout fields (make simple)
  • Customization: Page Style (make look like actual website)
  • Customization: For Desktop and Mobile

Approve and make a down payment of 50% to get started. The other 50% is paid when the job is done.

Please contact our Project Manager Dmitri Fernandes at (404) 482-4746 for more details.

This job will be ready in 72 hours after you send us your changes request (phone or email) and Stripe account information.